4 Friday, April 16, 2021


Close-knit community puts its
art into unique lockdown quilt
Kian Rains

A woman from a Sheffield
creative abilities by stitching
together a patchwork quilt
celebrating the resilience
and togetherness of the communityduringdifficulttimes.
A my C h a m b e r s , wh o
for the community to focus
on during lockdown to bring
people together whilst staying apart.
With the vision of creating a positive piece of history,
Amy encouraged everyone in
her community of Crosspool
to use their creative skills to
or print stamp on a square of
during the lockdown.
Amy said: “I started collecting the squares from the
very beginning of the first
lockdown; I ended collecting
them in July/August 2020
and then started the task of
sewing them all together and
planning and designing the
centre panel.
“I wanted the centre panel to represent our community and for people to be able
to recognise local images. It
features our newly-retired
crossing warden Eddie, the
lockdown that has kept many

Amy Chambers with the community quilt. Pictures: Chris Etchells

After several months of
hard work, Amy completed
the quilt on April 3 and met
with the local councillor,
chair and vice-chair of the
Crosspool forum, her family

and Thom Cocker fromCocker and Carr estate agents to
display the quilt in the windowoftheonSandygateRoad
estate agents.
Several squares on the
quilt mark occasions during
the lockdown, for example,

The community quilt was put on display at Cocker and Carr Estate Agents, Crosspool

Clap for Carers with an interactive sound effect button,
the date and time of the first
vaccine given, and a photo of
Captain Sir Tom Moore.
The mum of three wants
the project to be a focal point
to celebrate better times to

come and hopes that it serves
as a reminder of the difficult
times we have gone through,
with everyone pulling together to come out on the other
Amy added: “The reaction
has been incredible. A huge

thank you to everyone who
took part.
“I think together we have
created a beautiful image of
what a community can do if
they pull together. Thank you
and interest.”

The quilt features newly-retired crossing warden Eddie, the Crosspool owl and Colin the cone