Wednesday, March 10, 2021



Blood at flower shop
may snare burglar

A beautiful place for weary shoppers to have a rest

Stunning artworks
unveiled at Park Hill
Julia Armstrong

Park Hill in Sheffield is the
home for five new pieces of
art and street furniture for
people to play with and even
climb on.
Installed on the sculpture
plinths in the landscaped area of the redeveloped flats,
they provide additional seating for the residents, local
community and visitors.
And there are also some
animal sculptures that children are welcome to clamber over.
Create Partnerships is
Sheffield-based independ-

ent collective that is owned
by entrepreneur Paul Collings.
It provides play areas,
street furniture, street lighting, sports facilities and early years outdoor learning
The five pieces at Park
Hill include two benches, a
model bear, a wooden snail
and a large concrete stone.
His company has worked
w i th Urba n S p l a s h a n d
Places for People, who masterminded the Park Hill redevelopment.
Paul said: “We are delighted to partner with
Urban Splash with their inspirational redevelopment
of the iconic Park Hill flats,

Chloe Lumm with one of the new Park Hill sculptures

and to exhibit some of our
sculptural play and urban
furniture elements on their
outdoor plinths for the residents to enjoy.”
Greg Ball said on behalf
of the joint venture: “The
sculpture plinths are versatile outdoor exhibition spaces and we are really pleased
that our first use of them is
with Create Partnerships.
“As well as being recognised as an urban regeneration developer we are also
known for our support for
that art plays an integral part
build communities.
"In the few days since
these pieces have appeared

on the plinths it has been
great to see them being so
well used and the Richter
snail and bear are a magnet
for young children as well as
providing another play area for those who attend the
The installations will remain in place and maybe
changed from time to time
and replaced with other inspiring street furniture.
Pau l C o l l i n g s s e t u p
Timberplay – one of Create
Partnerships’ companies
– in 2000 and it has been involved in several prestigious
play developments at sites
including the Princess Diana Memorial Playground
and Chatsworth House

Maddie Munro, Cameron Bailey and Matt Retchless try the sculpture seats

A florist is hopeful that
blood left behind by a burglar who broke into her
flower shop in Sheffield will
snare the culprit.
The owner of Townend
Florist on Ridgeway
Road, Gleadless, found that
her shop had been broken
into on Sunday morning.
The crook responsible for the raid stole
a desktop computer but blood
was left behind at
the crime scene,
leaving the owner hopeful that the
burglar will be identified.
Posting on Facebook,
Louisa Nicholson thanked
the community for rallying
round after the break-in.
She said: “A massive
thank you to you all for your
kind words of support, offers of computer equipment, help to clean up,
are absolutely amazing.
“The scene of crime of-

ficer is really confident that
the DNA left will allow them
to identity him quickly and
do this to anyone else.
“It was a shock this
morning to see the shop
had been broken into, it
was anger this afternoon
that someone had done it
but this evening we are
humbled at the kind
words and support
you guys have offered.
"Thank you. It
myself and Andrew
and we really appreciate it.”
She said next weekend
– Mother’s Day – she will
be working to pay for a replacement computer and
door, which was damaged
when the burglar broke in.
Anyone with information about the burglary
should call South Yorkshire
Police on 101 or Crimestoppers,anonymously,on0800